Serrano Lavado

slightly dodgy graphic of old cuban car

I should (you should?) really thank the "Cuba Norte" bar which opened for a time (yes they went belly up) just a couple of doors up the road from us.
Ah hah, surely they'll be interested in authentic coffee from Cuba? We duly sourced a couple of bags for our "Christmas special", dropped a few hints and ....
Suffice to say we had no intention of keeping the Cuban on as a list coffee originally but...
Who says that the best Carribean coffee comes from Jamaica?
The taste!
Roasted to just above medium, you still get the characteristics of the coffee, full, smooth with a hint of a sweet woody backnote and then a subtle shove from the roast.

There currently are no "individual" coffees commercially exported from Cuba.

May Monday 14th toThursday 17th inclusive
June Saturday 23rd
  Wednesday 27th
July Wednesday 25th
September Thursday 6th

Tuesday 22nd May

Pallet of tea due at the warehouse today
We will be closed when it arrives.
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