Doddengudda Estate

a line drawing of the taq mahal to represent our deddengudda estate mysore coffee

We roast this just a shade darker than "medium". If you were to compare coffees to atheletes Mysore's tend to be more your "sumo wrestler" than a "pole vaulter". Good solid full flavour with only a little "high end" complexity.
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Doddengudda Estate Doddengudda estate is the home of the world famous Kent Coffee, developed by the legendary L P Kent. This shade grown coffee has thrilled the senses of coffee lovers around the globe. Like its legend and taste, the estate towers, standing 3500-3900 feet above sea level. It comprises the coffee strain selection 795. Doddengudda Estate is a single estate origin, high grown washed Arabica, nurtured since 1850. Doddengudda Estate is cradled near Chikmagalur which adjoins the wooded Western Ghats mountain range. This region has been recognized as one of the 12 most eco-sensitive and bio-diverse zones on the planet. Growing 1300 meters above sea level , the coffee is sheltered by two mighty canopies of old jungle trees like Rosewood, White Ceder, Red Ceder, Ficus, Silver Oak etc., and a lower canopy of soft wood trees. Native wildlife like deer, elephants, wild boar and peacocks are abundant. Each cherry in our estate is patiently handpicked by the spiritual masters of the land, the tribesmen. These people have absorbed every nuance and secret of their brothers and sisters in the woods, birds and plants. In their delicate hands, the plants unfurl the secrets of pure taste and flavor. The harvesting of the cherries is done in 3 rounds, taking care that only the ripe ones are harvested. The cherries are then carefully sorted by hand. Then, the cherries are pulped to just the required degree using machines that have been adapted to our local conditions. Under a personally monitored process, they are naturally fermented, so that it reached a perfect pre-washed state. Once the mucilage is completely broken down, it is tenderly washed using minimum pressure and then soaked to attain its rich colour. All our coffee is sun-dried to a moisture level of exactly 10% and then stocked in clean, bright and ventilated warehouses. At every step extreme care is taken that the rich and distinct taste of our Arabica Coffee is perfectly retained. At Doddengudda Estate, we are committed to preserving the beautiful environment we are in. All our effluents are systematically processed using pollution control measures so that we can recycle the water used in our processing. The solid waste materials are converted to compost that is used as fertilizer. Doddengudda Arabica is the secret ingredient of enchantment used by famous coffee houses all over the world. Little wonder it is widely exported and the demand for these fine coffees has been steadily growing over the years. Arabica coffee appears to have reached India from Yemen as early as the 17th century. Trade in coffee between Yemen and India must have been well established by 1610 because there was already a “Consul of the Banians” (i.e. from Gujerat), who interceded on behalf of Sir Henry Middleton when he was incarcerated by the Governor of Mokka (29). Tradition has it that Baba Budan, a pilgrim to Mecca, brought back 7 seeds that were planted near Chikmagalur (20). From there cultivation spread into Mysore, the Coorg, Goa and the high ghats above Coimbatore up to Berai in the Central Provinces and down to Travancore (20). In more recent times a single tree selection made by L.P. Kent in 1911 on Doddengudda Estate near Aldur in Mysore gave rise to the ‘Kent’ series of cultivars of C. arabica (13).

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